About Us

John and Sam

John and I met years ago in 2008, while I was studying Sports Therapy at Teesside University. I was part of the kayak club when John returned from his travels in Oz to take up his status as one of the ‘old boys’ and resident kayak coach. John spent the next few months plucking me out of the river after my many swims (I wasn’t great at staying in my kayak back then… or now come to think about it!). I must have knocked my head hard on a rock at the bottom of the river bed during one of those swims, as I continued allowing John to take me out on adventures, where I ended up being the big whimp in need of rescue. John was always there to take on the role of ‘Rescue Ranger’ with a gigantic grin on his face! We spent many years exploring the world and participating in a range of different outdoor activities. John was like my personal coach, taking me on so many different outdoor adventures and sharing his many years of outdoor experience and knowledge with me! I have learned so much from our adventures and will be eternally grateful for all of the amazing things we have had the opportunity to get out and experience!

Skip forward 13 years…

We are now a family of 6 (including the two dogs) who love getting out and about in the great outdoors for many exciting adventures! We live in the Lincolnshire Wolds and have a long list of favourite places in the UK and abroad that we love to visit and explore. We spend a lot of time in Scotland and have numerous trips up each year! John has family in Scotland and has always loved going up adventuring in the amazing landscapes it has to offer! I still remember the first few trips we had to Scotland and how it took my breath away! It is such a magical place and Scotland has definitely got under my skin and now holds a very special place in my heart!

I am a Teacher, working in a school with SEND students. I have been teaching since 2014 and I love bringing my passion for the outdoors into my classroom wherever possible. I am so enthusiastic about getting out and exploring what mother nature has to offer. My journey into the outdoors has opened so many doors for me and led me on so many adventures that I get so excited about showing other people what is out there and what they can experience and achieve if they make the dive into the world of outdoor adventure.

John has spent most of his working career in the potato industry, starting out life working on farms in the UK and Australia then progressing to manage a company growing potatoes in Lincolnshire and more recently being a product manager in a multi-national potato seed breeding company. When he isn’t hanging out with potatoes he is a very enthusiastic outdoor explorer. John grew up with outdoor sports in his blood, taking part in scouts from a young age then helping out with canoe and kayak coaching at a local activity centre as well as being a keen mountaineer, skier, mountain biker and climber. He has participated in a huge range of outdoor activities in many different countries. (He is much braver than I will ever be!)

Harris and Arran

Harris was born in August 2018. He has always loved being outside! As a baby, he was most relaxed either in the carrier or in the pushchair whilst out in the open air. He is such a happy cheerful little boy, who loves playing in the dirt, finding bugs or just scampering around in the woods!

Arran came along in September 2020 (our little lockdown baby). He has entered this world in such a scary and uncertain time but he has definitely been a bright light for us in a time that has been so dark for many others! Luckily for me Arran is also a little outdoor baby and just loves being out in the fresh air. He has been dragged outside most days for a walk of some variety (this has been the only thing we have been allowed to do so far really!).

I can definitely see that these two boys are going to be as thick as thieves when they get a little older, and if they are anything like what John was like as a child (I have heard many stories) I think I will be spending the next few years with my heart in my mouth!

We are so lucky to have these two boys in our lives and I can’t wait for all of the adventures that we will have as a family.

Freya and Simba

Freya joined us way back in 2012, just after we had been out to Finland for a friends wedding. We had been out on a husky sled ride while we were out there. This is probably one of the best activities we have done during all our travels! I absolutely loved it and I have just loved huskies ever since! Freya is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to her breeding. Her Mum was a Siberian Husky and her Dad was a Northern Inuit (a hybrid dog bread to look like a wolf). Once we had set eyes on the cute fluff ball ‘little miss yellow’ we knew it was meant to be. It feels like this independent fur ball has been with us forever now. She has been along on many of our adventures!

Simba arrived in 2012 when we decided Freya was in need of a doggy companion. John had always had Labradors as a child and he wanted a dog that was ‘a little more trainable’ (Freya is a very intelligent, independent dog with her own agenda!). Simba is pretty much the opposite to Freya in many ways. He is a very loyal and cuddly dog who just loves fuss and attention all of the time. I lost count of haw many times I nearly tripped over him while I was pregnant with the boys (it is difficult to see a dog that has curled up under your feet when you have a gigantic bump in the way!) He slotted into our little family very well and has also been by our side many times, exploring all the outdoors has to offer!

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